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Life is busy these days, and we all have book queues that continue to pile up. Quicklet offers simple but powerful visual tools for organizing and monitoring your library and reading progress.

Quicklet also helps you prioritize your reading list in several different ways, affording you a bird's eye view of your own personal library, as well as your overall and per-book reading progress. In addition, if there's a book not already in the Quicklet library, adding a new one is a simple one-click procedure, giving you access to literally hundreds of thousands of books from Amazon's library. And for those books you want to preview or just aren't sure you'll have time to read, there are Quicklets!

Quicklets Read Smarter

Where world knowledge has Wikipedia, books have Quicklets. Read them on a plane, read them on a train. The clean, easy-to-read layout makes reading a Quicklet like downloading the most important part of a book directly into your brain, because let's face it, most books are simply longer than they need to be.

In addition, all users can write their own Quicklets using the powerful Quicklet Creator (utilizing QFM–Quicklet Flavored Markdown), helping both themselves (to commit the reading to memory) while enriching the knowledge compression community.


Where sites like Shelfari and GoodReads are corporate social networks built around books, Quicklet is the first true open social network designed around knowledge compression.

Quicklet offers the same fun, community-powered experience as other book-related social networks, but in Twitter fashion, allows users to share information and follow each other, making it easy to find new books and Quicklet summaries through your network. And instead of giving verified badges to celebrities, we award them to academics, authors, and highly revered members of our community. Sign up today, it's free!

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